First sprouts of Fatalii seeds

14th of August, Moruga Scorpion and Aji Cristal seeds were placed for germination, a bit later one seed of Black Scorpion Tongue followed.

Today, 8th of September, Aji Cristal and Black Scorpion Tongue germinated. Still waiting for Moruga Scopion.

Indeed, germinating one seed at a time is not a good practice, as germination rate can easily be lower than 100%. Futhertmore, at 1st of September there were signs of mold growing on seeds and germination substrate (paper). Seeds had been cleaned, treated with Clotrimazole and place into fresh subscrate, with a drop of Clotrimazole solution on top. At the same day, just in case, more seeds had been placed for germination. But those mold survivors germinated first.

Update: at 12th of September some seeds throm 2nd batch sprouted - Moruga Scorpion and Naga Morich. I've got growbox settled now with Moruga Scorpion and Aji Cristal.