Growbox supervision

2nd webcam is installed in the growbox. Two cameras are now available for online observation of both hydroponix systems and creating time lapse videos of all the plants.

There was one webcam installed more than a week ago, though image quality is far from perfect, it gives a good picture of how plants are changing during the day. Now there are two cameras and a new page: [not available]

That page is dedicated to observation stuff and will change according to current status of growbox video surveillance system.

There are still images from both of the cams, taken every minute, and also videos assembled from last light day's snapshots. More video options will be available as number of snapshots grow.

Image quality of webcam is not perfect and i'm looking into possibility of using some inexpensive digital cameras which support remore capture via USB. There are mostly old Canon models supported by the software i managed to find, but so far i could not find any of those cameras..

Update: Growbox supervision page is not available