I don't want to be silent

It's all about some of my observations of reality, which I don't want to be silent about.

Hoopla of recend days have freshly coloured the hoopla of recent years, which, in its turn, organically supplemented the hoopla of last centuries. Ignoring it has become unreasonable, as it started being noisy too close to me.

I'd like to share some observations of my reality. Before placing labels on objects, which is necessary for positioning oneself in a reality, I'd like to drag your attention to a generic phenomenon, which seems to me one of the fundamental problems. It's an human mind illness, which is old as the hills and still it interferes with human's ability to (inter)act - the goal crysis. Lots of people seem not to see their goals, or refuse to disclose them, even to themselves. And I'm no way an exception myself. It's getting very sad when this illness manifests itself in a collective or an organization, which are expected to express their goals clearly. It has got popular to express abstract ambitions instead of goals. When it happens to active people, who express their readiness to move somewhere, but not disclosing their destination, or how it looks like - that's suspicious. Game becomes hidden, goals can only be guessed or speculated, so the conspirology, as a science of hidden goals, develops naturally. It makes me think that the goal crysis has become a integral part of the game on all its levels.

When goals are not clear, debates of "abstract ambitions" expressers turns into mutual smear very soon. In the process of smear goals are clear to all participants, making their interaction possible, in quite a different form. Hence the struggle changes to the form in which the goals are most clear. Once this form of struggle emerged it becomes difficult to take steps toward a rational dialogue, as any rational thought gets lost in an emotional background noise. It's known that a chanting crowd is mostly guided by part of brain which has little to do with rational analysis. Reducing the interaction level further would take the struggle down from the faecal/anal level to basic survival level, when the clear goal of smear changes to even more clear goal of destruction, which is to wipe out the opposite side from the perceived reality. This is the straight path to violence.

Violence itself, in my opinion, should be deeply disgusting to any normal person. Let alone the various speculations about "norms", I'll just state one clear thing: norm - is a stable state, which is typical for majority. All majorities known to me, which seem to be stable, are avoiding violence. And if someone considers the path to violence to be acceptable, or even welcomes it - that must be someone who has nothing to do with norm or majority.

Now I'm to place some labels to clarify what is where in my reality.

As very different people admit, Russia is controlled by a criminal syndicate, which was developing during last 20 years, after collapse of USSR. It's a typical case, most of the countries are controlled by criminal syndicates of different degree of maturity. Older criminal syndicates of famous western countries, which were working hard on collapsing USSR (further referred as "West") were participating in development of Russian syndicate, making sure to preserve their influence in it. In the beginning of this process, Russian powers, together with West, were busy with butchering the carcass of ex-USSR economy. A desperate attempt to stop this, taken in August 1993, which was, in fact, a very short civil war, was crushed in such a great rush that no one knows how many people died in Moscow those days. West had approved that action, but this fiddly fact was not very well covered by western news media for some reason. Nevertheless, many of Russian people those days were already used to see the West as embodiment of goodness, and that victory was an extra proof for that. As we know, that whoever wins is always a goodness. And many years after that, when people's attitude to local powers changed many times, glow of goodness around the West continued to attract many sufferers.

Meanwhile, the country which was able to take care of its interests abroad, relatively quickly turned into a country, which can hardy manage its own, pretty much reduced, territories. But even now, some people sincerely believe that a strong country was not worthy, simply because it was evil. And there are, of course, lots of very emotional proofs, which are still (after 20 years!) being sounded.

But something strange started happening during last few years - particular members of Russian powers seem to cease to be entirely loyal to West. I have no idea how could that happen, but the fact itself is a rejoice - local syndicate shows ambitions to independence, and one cannot overestimate it. War in Georgia (08.08.08), despite it was not brought to logical end, does not fit the frame of a fake demonstration of imaginary self-sufficiency of the Russian syndicate. Figure of Putin looks even more promising, as western media publicly declared him as not worthy, he almost won the honorary title of dictator.

And it happens these days, when USA (i.e. their criminal syndicate), trying to stay afloat during the bank system crysis, are drowning their neighbors and rush to create greater unstable regions on another continents, in regions where they noticed a "danger" of developing independent trade.

In light of those events I was sure that for majority of Russians, there's no better advertisement for a politic person in Russia than to get under smear of western media. This must be understood very well by both Putin and West. But the key word is "majority" - that's not everyone. Majority is always conservative, but also apathetic and passive. Russian majority, as usual, lacks active position to interact with power. But some minorities are very active. People with high ambitions, who tend to nurture their sense of dignity, as a rule, are most unhappy at all times. They tend to complain about everything, world is not perfect enough for them, especially the parts of the world they deal with. This attitude is sometimes considered valuable for creative person, as it moves one forward to push the boundaries and create something new. They are called "intelligentsia" or intellectuals, however these two terms are not accurate enough to fit all the active minorities I'm talking about. Taken individually - such people are very bright, each of them has his/her own view on things, problems and solutions, the various ones, brave ones, pushing the boundaries and stuff. But a crowd of such people, ready to push boundaries, easily vulnerable by questioning their dignity, and with no common goal, except expressing their displeasure, is not able to come to any rational conclusion about their goal, as we can see now. Such energy of displeasure, with no goal, will definitely be used by some other people, with more definite goals. And the carriers of displeasure themselves realize that, but can't calm down being cut to the heart. Some of them are so stung by insults that are eager to avenge the whole world for their grief. I made this conclusion on the basis of communication with people who could not rationally explain their actions and demands, though they are convinced of their necessity.

Many representatives of the minorities have surprisingly sensitively responded to the signal sounded at 05.12.2011, the main motive of which was, of course, a disregard of dignity of the people, and the form in which this violation was committed is electoral fraud during the State Duma elections. No need to carry out a thorough analysis to see the insignificance of the election in this phenomenon. After communicating with activists it quickly becomes clear that most of them have never worried about Duma before, or about fraud in earlier elections. They recognize that the reason for the excitement is their trampled dignity. Quite accidentally, the hype around the election was the last drop in a cup of their patience. And the overflow of the cup of patience - it's the main thing that united these people. This must be enough to take people to the streets. Well, nearly enough. If we talk about the rallies at Dec.10 and, which had not yet held at the time of writing, Dec.24, then taking people in the street was supported by the huge amount of propaganda. People were actively urged to participate in those rallies on the radio, Internet was full of texts and nicely done videos. Part of this process is managed by so-called "opposition leaders" or, more specifically, people who have the same relation to "opposition leaders" as a guinea pig - to Guinea or pigs. These people are so motley that it's even strange to refer them as one category. We see them having difficulties to find a common language with each other, which they needed to work on a joint event.

So, we have a mixture of disgruntled members of active minorities, who do not have a positive goal, and a bunch of questionable figures offering their goals and actively supporting any protests. This is our can of worms.

A big fan of using cans of worms as a tool for "democracy development" is the U.S. government. It's probably hard to believe, but they themselves openly declare that they were and are funding public organizations in Russia which are noticed to be encouraging the development of worms in the can. I must mention that the U.S. citizens themselves are more concerned about their economic situation and not welcome investment of their money into foreign cans with worms. However, the of U.S. president administration has already spent $160 million to "promote democracy" in Russia  during the past 2 years (prooflinks: ICCPR, Center for Democracy) and intends to spend more. The U.S. criminal syndicate has some strange passion to the active minorities, considering them useful for the protection of "democracy". In particular, now it's a part of US foreign policy to protect the rights of the anecdotal active minority of homosexuals. I personally would never believe that U.S. authorities cares about anyone's rights outside the U.S.. It is too hard to believe that they are interested of well being of Serbs, Egyptians, Tunisians, Syrians and especially Libyans. At least, there is no clear reason to think that they are. But there are good reasons to believe that they are very interested in active minorities and other cans of worms, as this interest is expressed by spending budget money of the country that is in debt which will hardly be paid off during the nearest millennium.

All those talks about the U.S. role in the development of dissent in Russia have even more offended the already disgruntled active minority and have hurt their gentle feelings again. Having a very sensitive dignity they reject the idea that they could be taken to the streets by someone else's signal. In their reality, there probably was no signals but the call of the heart. Social networks and blogs on the Internet, news media and radio did not matter. Taking to the streets has become a duty of the free citizen, who has a sense of dignity, and U.S. did not stand close here. Perhaps it makes no sense now to try persuading them, as it only multiplies the insult of fragile ones, adding fuel to the fire of emotional confrontation.

I somehow do not believe in "the Libyan scenario" in Russia yet. It's too complicated to bring mercenaries, coordinated by SAS veterans to Moscow, make them look like opposition and get away with it. Moscow is very difficult to bomb. But these are trifles. More importantly, our crime syndicate is not under full control of more experienced colleagues abroad. There are people working on strengthening this independence. And, of course, that the main allies of Russia - the army and navy are still alive. But more importantly, that there are many people in Russia who know about the threat and prepare to resist it. Their willingness and readiness to act is very important. It seems that all this will be tested soon. What would be the scenario - is a separate issue, but the impact from the outside is certain and is not attributed to the conspiracy delights, it is no longer hidden.

Other, more questionable, arguments is that our active minorities are careful and should never go into an open confrontation. They have something to lose, they are not ready to die, they have loans to pay. They are also not brainless at all and are able to change their minds, at least if they are sincere. Those for whom anti-Russian propaganda is just a job are probably a minor part, though they create a lot of noise. Some of them advocates that ​​the idea of outside interference in the affairs of their country is appropriate. On the one hand, it would be good to have such figures imprisoned, but on the other hand, it would be much better for all of us to create a sufficient awareness of what is happening, to have these people scorned by society. Although the first option should not be ruled out.

Offended active minorities should be treated as any other resentful human beings. If people want a formal confirmation of the fact that "they are not cattle", they should get it, this does not cost anything after all.

Such is a brief list of labels glued to my reality at the moment. I must say that I am heartened by this reality and I am ready to interact with it. It definitely has become less boring after 04.12.2011, for which I say "thank you" to all participants. These events have helped me learn a lot about myself and about the people around me. And, for the first time in 20 years, I'll go out to the street for a rally. The last time I was there in 1991, celebrating the collapse of my country. Now I'm going there to oppose to further collapsing of my country. This is somewhat of a progress.

Today, 24.12.2011, there will be at least two rallies in Moscow. First one - the much-touted by both supporters and opponents - a rally to represent disgruntled active minorities, questionable "opposition leaders" and some other activists, completely incomprehensible to me. The goal, while no one was able to articulate it clearly yet, is formally the crocked and boring slogan "for honest elections". I am out of the way with this movement.

Another rally, on the Vorobyevy Gory, organized by a club "The Meaning of Time", promoted by the club itself and its sympathizers. One of the motives of this rally, which is interesting to me - prevention of foreign interference in Russian affairs and flirting with the forces that welcome such intervention. I'll go there to state, with my presence, that there are people who do not want this to happen. For me there's no other big goal for this rally. The further aim of the organizers, as I see it, is building a healthy society and the creation of a new union state, using a huge positive experience of the Soviet Union.

I believe in the possibility and feel the need to create such a society and state. I have no doubt that it will quickly attract most of the CIS countries, as well as many European and Asian countries in the future. I see nobody, except Russia, to be able to become a center of a new superpower, stabilizing the Eurasia and the whole world. This is my reality.