Seeds from FataliiSeeds have arrived

I've got seeds from, Finnish chileheads. Actually I ordered 4 varietes, but got 8 ones, with 100% bonus!

I had lost my own seeds somewhere, though there's still hope to find them, i can't plant the hope and growbox is empty since i got rid of arugula, cucumbers and tomatoes. Speaking of which, growing arugula and especially tomatoes is much more challenging than chile. They demand much more attention and won't forgive any carelessness. So I decided to switch back to all-forgiving chiles.

Considering former experience, I'll only keep two plants, as there are two reservoirs. For starters I've chosen Aji Cristal and Moruga Scorpion. Latter was considered hottest in the world as of 2012, but in 2013 guys from have broken that record with a new hybrid variety Fatalii Gourmet Jigsaw. Still I'm afraid that Moruga Scorpion will mostly end up as pickles, as their cooking usefulness is questionable due to extreme heat level (up to 2 million SHU).